Construction Cases / UST system

I will introduce total UST system.

UST system

A. Suggestion for Controlling Rainfall

Housing Land Development

  • Merit : Rainfall reservoir for flood control can be converted as housing land.

Shopping Center and Home Center

  • Merit : Rainfall reservoir for flood control can be shifted underground of parking area.

Newly built Factory

  • Merit : Rainfall reservoir for flood control and afforestation area are doubly occupied.

Other Construction
(Convenience Stores, Collective Housing and Others)

  • Merit : Plastic blocks are very light and easy to be constructed in short term.

B. Suggestion for Rainwater Recycling

  • For Transport level : Cleaning trains, bus and taxi with recycled rainwater
  • For Factory Level: Industrial water (Cleaning, Cooling down and others)
  • For Farm Level: Irrigation use
  • For Building Level: Lavatory and Gardening
  • For Personal Use Level: Lavatory, Gardening and Cleaning cars

C. Others

  • Prevention of unstable ground, bank settlement, basic building for temporary road, underground filler
  • Discharging water on the ground at school
  • Underground drain


Underground Storage System of Rainfall(UST)

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