FUJIKURA (Self-control type heater)

Please see here about the self-control type heater of Fujikura that can achieve the freeze proofing and the heating system safely and low-cost.



  • Deicing water supply and sewerage systems (Metal and plastic piping, etc.)
  • Prevention of icicles, deicing drip molding (Prevention, roof drain, horizontal gutter, and length gutter etc. of front of the house)
  • Snow melting system (Parking lot, pavement, and roof, etc.)
  • Warming system for farm (vinyl house, for heat insulation in winter etc.)
  • Other warming system (Industrial pipeline etc.)

Major Contracts

  • Japan nuclear facilities/
    Hachinohe and other plant facilities
  • Nagano Olympic facilities
  • Sendai Soccer Stadium
  • Asahi Breweries,ltd.
  • Kirin Holdings Company,ltd.
  • Morinaga Milk Industry co.,ltd.
  • Lion co.,ltd.
  • Toyota Motor co.,ltd.
  • House Foods co.,ltd
  • Ezaki Glico co.,ltd.
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone co.,ltd.
  • Hitachi Zosen co.,ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.ltd.
  • Sapporo City Transportation Bureau
  • Kanazawa University
  • Furukawa Electric co.ltd.
  • And more

Heat release value can be self-controlled

Extremely safety

  • FUJIKURA Self-control type heater controls the heat in order to adjust surrounding environment. Even if the heater remains in contact or overlapped, it never heats up more than constant temperature.

Available to cut any size

Distinguished construction

  • Any length is available to adjust the construction site. Besides, t-section and extension of the heater makes easier under the situation of design change construction.

No maintenance

Very economic

  • Since it is electrical, maintenance and repair are rarely necessary. Due to its self-control system, it does not heat up over. Running cost is cut down.

Clean system


  • FUJIKURA Self-control type heater can save the energy. Without a boiler, it is very clean and ecology for both of the earth and human.

Cable core does not release the heat

Distinguished durable

  • FUJIKURA Self-control type heater is constructed of parallel circuit. A special construction which does not heat up cable core makes longer operating life. The heater secures no burnout and no time degradation.


Reasonable to be installed

  • This system is simple and compact. While water heating up and steam heating up system requires many facilities and machines, FUJIKURA Self-control type heater reduces instruction cost drastically.


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