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Proposal of industrial value and social value by insulation system

It has been continued to send the market a lot of products by establishing and always making good use of the technology that cultivates it over many years in addition to the technology of the tradition for 92 years as a state-of-the-art special manufacturer. The manufacturer of the insulating tape for heavy electric equipment boasts of the share of a domestic top class and the quality gets the evaluation of a top class also in the world.

It makes efforts to the development of the substrate business and the coil business so that the business area that left the insulation business of the history and stability may also answer the change in customers' needs, and the country handles a field new as for foreign countries positively from the beginning.


Insulation System

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Insulation System for High Voltage Rotating Machinery "Rika-FINE™System"

Heat Dissipating Materials

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From Metal Core PCB to CCL with our insulation technology, Nippon Rika Group provides total supports including Metal Core PCB, Power Modules, and CCL with excellent heat dissipation.

Industrial Components

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I will introduce the distributing agent by Nippon rika Group and introduce the select line where it works.
A variegated commodity such as the insulating material, the silicone products, and the self-control type heaters is handled.

Advanced Laminates

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I will introduce Advanced Laminates that Nippon rika Group handles.
An electric machine usage and an electronic relation etc. of a high spec will widely meet customer's needs to say nothing of the road for past heavy TEL, too.

Real Estate

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I will introduce our real estate business.
In another and the NRK SOGO KIKAKU CO.,LTD are Ka synthesis of group company Ltd. project of the lease of two "Sumitomo Oimachi building" houses by the subleasing contract, a good quality article is collected with Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka City centering on the near sales land article.